Surface Aerators

Surface aerators are standard equiment for oxygen transfer from the atmosphere to the wastewaters in activated sludge biological treatment plants or aerated lagoons.

Murali Sesh surface aerators operate essentially as an updraft machine. Liquid is drawn upward by the rotating impeller and propelled outward in a low trajectory and liquid is broken into a fine spray, which entrains large volumes of air. Turbulence is developed throughout the tank ensuring mixing of liquor in the tank to disperse the oxygen and keep solids in suspension.

Murali Sesh surface aerators are designed for round the clock service.The gearbox is selected with adequate service factor for trouble-free operation.


  • Range:  1 to 25 HP

  • Type:  Inverted conical bowl with non-clag radial blades

  • Material:  MS epoxy-painted or galvanised

  • Drive:  TEFC motor & stirrer duty or agitator gearbox

  • Immersion:  Adjustable upto 150 mm

  • Oxygenation: 2.0 Kg of oxygen per HP-hour under standard conditions