Pressure Sand Filters

Murali Sesh pressure filters are compact and economical for water supply systems of 50,000 liters per hour or more. They are standard equipment for swimming pool filtration plants and for treated trade effluents. They are self-contained with on-line dosers for coagulant feed and sterlization.

Their installation for piped water suplies usually saves the requirement of second stage pumping. Back washing to flush out the accumulated dirt on the bed is simpler than with gravity filters. Where more than one filter is installed , backwashing of one filter with filtered water derived from others, results in substantial economy by eliminating a seperate clear water tank.


  • Type :  vertical or horizontal

  • Sizes;  upto 2400 mm dia

  • Pressure: upto 10 Kg/CM2 or higher

  • Material:  MS plates

  • Underdrain:  Perforated bottom plate with plastic strainers or central header and laterals

  • Media: Graded river sand and gravel

  • Valves:  CI sluice valves to IS-780 or diaphragm valves or CI butterfly valves.