Clarifiers & Clarifloculator

Calrifiers are installed to settle suspended particles in waste & wastewater treatment plants. Pre-treatement with a coagulant to agglomerate the suspended particles into larger flocs is effected in a flocculator.

Combination of the two unite viz., clarifier and flocculator in the same tank results ina flocculator. Detention periods in a clarifier can be 1 to 3 hours and in the flocculator upto 40 minutes.

Murali Sesh equipment for calrifiers and calriflocculators are ruggedly designed and totally relaible. Centrally driven clarifiers are limited upto a maximum diameter of 20 meters.


  • Sixe range;  upto 5o mm dia

  • Equipment:  upto 50 mmm dia bottom scrappers

  • Speed :  1.5 to 12 revs per hour

  • Drive:  TEFC motor through V-belt and gearbox

  • Pivot:  Roller bearings for peripheral driven units

  • Support:  Roller bearing with GM bush & bottom guide for centrally driven units

  • Material:  MS with underwater parts epoxy-painted

  • MS with rubber squeezes

  • Bridge:  RCC or MS for central drive units